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It’s no secret that WordPress is the most popular platform for self publishing today. Millions of people use it to write simple blogs, or to write huge web sites filled with astonishing content. Whether you are a world famous publisher, or simply writing posts about your daily life, you likely are using WordPress.

One thing that makes WordPress so powerful is its plugins. These are small programs that you can install to give your site additional functions. There are thousands and thousands of these, and you can use them to do anything from playing a song when somebody comes to your site, to keeping out the spammers. In this article I’ll go over the essential plugins, and why you need them.

First and foremost is Akismet. This automatically detects and removes spam comments from your blog. Even if you have a relatively small blog, and don’t think you need to worry about spam, you still need to. You’d be surprised how much spam even the smallest blog will attract. With Akismet, you don’t need to worry about any of it.

The second plugin is something called Google Sitemaps. A site map is something that describes the layout of your site, without including any of the graphics. It’s an easy way for Google’s spiders, those little robots who come and crawl and index your site, to figure out what you are site is all about. The Google Sitemaps plugin makes it easier on those robots, so your site has a better chance of getting indexed.

Another plugin that is one of the most popular is called “All In One SEO Pack.” This makes your site more SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, Friendly.

It does this by the way it handles your blog titles, and keywords, and other things. It also adds a couple extra boxes under each post on the administrator side, to input additional information about that particular post. This information is only viewable by the search engines, so they have a better idea of where to list your site. This, in turn, makes it easier for people looking for certain information to find your site.

The final essential plugin is called Share This. What this does is allow readers of your blog to easily book mark you site on any number of social bookmarking sites, or Twitter. This can help spread your message, and attract more visitors to your site.

Of course, these are just the beginning. There are thousands of other plugins out there that can do any number of things. These will get you started so you keep away the spam, rank higher in the search engines, and attract more visitors.

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