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WordPress Remix

I recently stumbled upon a product called WordPress Remix.? I’ve been working on a project for my small business that involved designing a new website for a new product line that is in the works.? I trudged on for several weeks with nothing but mediocre results until I found WordPress Remix.? This program really makes designing professional sites a breeze.

One of the most impressive features I’ve found in WordPress Remix is the vast amount of themes and design templates at my disposal.? 5 minute of searching through the list and comparing some of my favorites, I finally decided on a prebuilt theme that was fairly close to what I had been looking for.? Another hour or so of content writing and small modifications to the theme, such as company logos and product images, I had a very professional and well designed front page.

I’ve also had great success with the back code editting tools.? WordPress Remix makes javascript and PHP incredibly simple to implement into a theme, template, or already designed site.? The editor for both of these were spot on, and I had no difficulty at all integrating a user system, complete with support requests and a small forum.? I didn’t even have to write a check out cart, as WordPress Remix had a built in module to add it for me.

I HIGHLY recommend WordPress Remix to anyone who wants to create a professional looking site with ease.

Graphics Designer/Web Designer for a small business out of Dallas.

Article source: http://wordpress.ezinemark.com/wordpress-remix-software-16b167802d5.html.

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