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Most internet marketers know the importance of a landing page to the success of a affiliate campaign. A good landing page can tremendously increase conversion rate and sales income, while a poor one will make all your efforts go up in smoke. Now a lot of affiliates use WordPress to create landing pages, so we will focus on WordPress review sites and explain what qualities of a good review site should possess.

Important Information – Affiliates Need to Know About Their Landing Pages!

What kind of information do you need to know to judge if your WordPress review site is running well? Which parts are the “bottlenecks” that kill your conversion rate? Here we will introduce basic concepts that you should really master.

Traffic-the number of visitors to a website. It is one of the important measurements of the popularity of a web site. A high traffic means that a web site is very popular on the internet.

A page view (PV) -a request to load a single page of a website. Page views are the number of a certain page of web site requested to load. That is the number of a web page visited during a certain period.

The average number of page views per visitor – it is another important measurement to judge the quality of a landing page. A high number indicates that the average visitors go deep inside the site, possibly because they like it or find it useful.

Average visit duration – the average time of users’ visits. As a rule of thumb the more time visitor spend the higher conversion rate and the more sales income you will probably get.

Average page duration – the average time of pages are viewed for.

The higher the data is, the better your landing page is.

External links-the outside links point to a web site. It indicates to some extent if other people are interested in a web site and if a web site is of value.

Aforementioned concepts are widely used by affiliates to estimate the effectiveness of their WordPress review site. And then according to the data they polish the web sites to increase the conversion rate and sales commissions.

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Article source: http://landing-page.ezinemark.com/wordpress-traffic-tracking-plugin-a-vital-tool-for-affiliate-marketing-4ee71295d86.html.

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