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Recently I was asked why I use a self hosted WordPress blog, and to tell you the truth I didn’t know what to say, so I went over to to check it out and compare the pair. Let me say this right now, I am still using WordPress over Blogger, I will go into more detail below.

I went over to to view its features and compare it to WordPress’ features.?I did originally, when I was first starting my blog, view Blogger, and it looked dull compared to the blogs you could create with WordPress.

Although Blogger seems to be more friendly to people who are just starting out with their blog, WordPress offers some extremely good themes, along with an amazing amount of compatible plug-ins.?I also noticed that the WordPress Support is more valuable and easier to navigate.

I enjoyed WordPress’ functionality in the dashboard, being able to see the visit count, and the quick post option, I also found that WordPress is easier to navigate around via the side bars, it allows you to view the categories under each page, without leaving your current page.

The main way I have compared Blogger and WordPress is via user friendliness, but what about search engine ranking? ?Blogger will be crawled and indexed faster because Blogger is owned by Google.

Maybe I have just become accustomed to the feel of WordPress, but if anyone asks me why I use it now, I have an answer.?It’s just so easy!? I have chosen WordPress to be better and you can view my WordPress blog at my site.

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