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WP Robot is a very popular, multi-functional WordPress plugin that can streamline many aspects of maintaining a web page or blog. It you are dedicated to creating unique content and want to add images, video’s, affiliate links or even Absence code plus be able to import and export articles, this is a phenomenal plugin. WP Robot also functions as an autoblogger, to enable you to set up an automated blog that can easily scheduled and upload content for posting.

The nicest aspect of the WP Robot is its versatility. Once the software is uploaded to your WordPress site, you can create niche posts. If you want to set up an autoblog, then you can schedule content from article directories to be automatically added to your web page and these postings can be developed for any keywords. If you just want to create a web page with you own content, you can easily upload everything from Absence to video’s to spice up and monetize your site.

There memberships are available in four levels:

Basic Core ? includes 20 keywords which can be utilized on as many as 20 websites. (free)
Advanced Core ? includes 50 keywords which can utilized on as many as 40 websites. ($ 15)
Elite Core ? includes unlimited keywords on any number of websites. ($ 30)
Full Package ? includes the Elite Core plus these eight modules. ($ 140)


Click Bank module ? Included at every WP Robot membership level. Automatically post ClickBank ads to your blog. Generate revenue through ClickBank.
Amazon module ? Automatically retrieves Amazon product posts, includes product reviews and Amazon descriptions. Make money through Amazon sales. ($ 35)
Article module ? Posts articles automatically for select keywords and upload content from two of the biggest article directories. ($ 25)
eBay module ? Automatically upload eBay auctions to blogs and include as many as six auctions within each post. Generate revenue with the eBay sponsored affiliate program. ($ 20)
Yahoo Answers module ? Posts questions to target markets on any number of topics or niches and adds all the answers as comments to these post. ($ 20)
YouTube module ? Adds relevant YouTube videos automatically and retrieve as many as 25 comments. Included in this is a post template that can be edited. ($ 15)
Translation module ? ($ 15)
Flickr Image module ? Post images easily on your blog. Has many customizable options. ($ 20)

Actually the word on the street for the WP Robot is mixed. Auto-blogging is a nice idea in concept, but it’s important to monitor your websites to block bad content from posting. As it turns out, joining Ebay and Flickr requires an approval process and some web owners report being declined. In addition, while WP Robot is a respected network, some of the products that get pulled in are weak. Others complain that the Yahoo answers and YouTube videos that are uploaded are not always applicable to the sites. Lastly, many of the articles that the WP Robot pulls in are poorly written.

As a result, many have decided to take the automatic out of the equation, make it all semi-automatic and then personally approve all the content before posting it. This is truly disappointing since the whole the idea of automation is to save time. With the continued algorithm changes being announced by Google, it appears that they are attempting to penalize websites with junk content. Perhaps that would include autoblog websites

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Article source: http://content.ezinemark.com/wp-robot-review-can-this-all-in-one-wordpress-plugin-do-it-all-17b0d21f97e.html.

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