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YouTube Playlist in Joomla?:?YouTube helps us to upload, share and view Videos. Everyone is aware about the YouTube and its uses.?And now without any efforts, we?can put just about anything we want on the YouTube Playlist in Joomla.

YouTube playlist provide the playback of audio, video and pictures, along with fast forward and reverse functionality. No matter what kind of video you want to watch or post, you can save it all on YouTube playlist.?YouTube playlist?in?Joomla module, outputs an embedded YouTube video from a user-defined list.?Place the Joomla module in a position on a Joomla template and configure the playlist.

The YouTube playlists option is back at the YouTube. Playlists are a great way to group related videos which can be later played one after another to your browser or windows. YouTube shows three popular videos from each playlist and it lets you restrict the results to a certain category, like Education, Music or Sports and all.
Creating a playlist is easy and, by default, each playlist is public so you can be embedded in a web page. Instead of posting 3 or 4 related YouTube videos, create a playlist and use the code provided by YouTube to add it to your web page: you’ll include a single player and the visitors will only need to click on the “play” button once.

Features YouTube playlist in Joomla: This Joomla module outputs an embedded YouTube video from a user-defined list. Place the module in a position on a Joomla template and configure the playlist, desired width and height, and module class suffix. There are following features which is as follows:

All browser compatible.

Add Number of custom youtube List

Add Width and height (Full configurable).

Thumbnails option

AutoPlay Option

FullScreen Option

* Version 1.2 – Horizontal scroller Is also available now

Create Your Custom YouTube Playlist

Very Useful Module

Why To Choose YouTube Playlist In Joomla: Joomla is a awesome choice for your ebusiness or ecommerce website because Joomla will save your time, save your money and makes you extremely happy with your website.?A Joomla website is well-suited for a growing online business.

In this there having unlimited content can be continuously added and Joomla’s hierarchal structure keeps the content very organized manner and easy to search or find.?There are some features of choosing Joomla for YouTube Playlist which are as follows : All Browser Compatible

Full Configurable

Fast Loading and Sleek

Tons Of Other Options

Since Joomla provides the website organization infrastructure very well so a new website can be built very quickly and fast. The focus of the work is on the content, not the navigation, layout, etc because Joomla allows non-techie’s to easily update and add content means you can say that Joomla is very user friendly CMS. One thing we love about Joomla is the large number of beautiful templates available, and the templates keep getting better every month and enhanced very quickly.

Custom YouTube Playlist: Youtube playlist is very useful module, by using this module you can create your own custom youtube playlist some of the features are as below

Play back Of Audio, Video and Pictures

Fast Forward and Reverse Functionality

A User-Defined Playlist

You can customize playlist of YouTube to create a custom skin for a YouTube player on your site. You can also display your entire playlist, let your users pick a video and then play it. You can customize how that will look, make a full list of a paged list with prev/next buttons, whatever you want. For this you need to understand little bit about Joomla, Jquery, XML etc.

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