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To build an SEO Optimized Website with Joomla CMS there are basically certain things that could help and these are to ensure the ranking is as good as it can possibly be by use of the Keyword in the title tag. This will guarantee that the Keyword is picked up by the search engine quickly and efficiently thus improving the number of visitors to your website. Next the Anchor Text of Inbound links are an important way of using links to your site using the keywords you base your ranking on, there are press services that can do this for you online, should you want to use them.

Global Link Popularity of Site, this describes how many other pages are linking to your page, and by creating more links you create greater popularity for your site. CMS lets you add content very quickly, and it is a good idea to create an idea every day but make it a quality page, for maximum optimisation of the page around 200 pages of content are needed. It is really important to have a rich in content site for it to really be good.

The link popularity within the site is the number of links within your own domain to the page and it is important to use linked titles setting, make good Most Read, Related Items and Latest New modules, have a sitemap component linked to front homepage.

You have to get quality inbound links, and these should be topically related to your own site, with one which have a high pagerank, and ensure that you use other blogs in your area of expertise as often as you can. Keyword use in the body text is of the utmost importance and keyword density is a must for optimizing content of the page.

The most important thing to remember is that you need that keyword in the tag title, second concentrate on the links created to other websites that have the same theme as your own, and make sure that the content is quality content, as these are the only ones that really do work.

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