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Click Close to close the Change Operations Master dialog box.
To transfer the schema master role assignment, complete the following steps:
1.Open the Active Directory Schema snap-in.
Note The Active Directory Network+ certification Schema snap-in must be installed separately after Active Direc?tory is installed. See Chapter 3 for details on installing the Active Directory Schema snap-in.
2.In the console tree, right-click Active Directory Schema, and then click Change
Domain Controller.

Lesson 3 Managing Operations Master Roles 4-35
3. In the Change Domain Controller dialog box, shown in Figure 4-15, click either a Any DC, to let Active Directory select the new schema operations master, or
Q Specify Name, and then CompTIA Network+ exam cost type the name of the new schema master to specify the new schema operations master
? JX*I
CuitentOC: lanvml. co?
p Setae! DC
! r
Change Domain Controller dialog box
4.Click OK.
5.In the console tree, right-click Active Directory Schema, and then click Operations
6.In the Change Schema Master dialog box, click Change.
7.Click OK to close the Change Schema Master dialog box.

For detailed instructions on installing the Windows Support Tools, refer to Chapter 3, “Administering Active Directory.”

For example, to make sure a domain controller is fully up-to-date, suppose that “serverl” is the RID master of the domain, “server2” is the standby oper?ations master domain controller, and “server3” is the only other domain controller in the domain. Using the Repadmin tool along with the /Showutdvec argu?ment, you would issue the following commands, shown in bold:
C:\> repadmln/showutdvec dc=microsoft,dc=com
New-York\seri^erl @ USN 2604 @ Time 2003-01-22 12:50:44 San-Francisco\server3 @ USN 2706 @ Time 2003-01-22 12:53:36
C:\>repadmin/showutdvec dc=microsoft,dc=com
New-York\serverl @ USN 2590 @ Time 2003-01-22 12:50:44 Chicago\server2 0 USN 3110 @ Time 2003-01-22 12:57:55
The output for serverl is especially relevant. Server2’s up-to-date status value with respect to serverl (serverl @ USN 2604) is larger than server3’s up-to-date status value with respect to serverl (serverl @ USN 2590), making it safe for server2 to seize the RID master role N10-004 formerly held by serverl. If the up-to-date status value for server2 was less than the value for server3, you would wait for normal replication to update server2, or use the Repadmin tool’s /Syncall commands to make the replication happen immedi?ately. You can learn more about using Repadmin in Windows Support Tools help.

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