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PHP has emerged as one of the most popular server side scripting language for developing websites and web applications. However, Java is an extensively tested and highly stable programming language used for developing applications and websites. The implementation of Java is much wider and it is usually used for more sophisticated projects. This does not determine whether Java is better or PHP is better for developing web applications.

If we go by the recent trend, we see a huge increase in demand for custom PHP development services. One of the major factors for such demand is the cost effectiveness of working on PHP. On the other hand, the demand for offshore Java development services in web development segment has decreased` in the last few years but has increased for more advanced and sophisticated applications.

Anyways, here is a comparison between both the technologies aimed at presenting an unbiased comparison of both Java and PHP.

Stability: When it comes to stability, PHP falls way short of Java. Some of the stability issues with PHP include procedural backward compatibility and lack of a real deprecation mechanism. PHP also has a mess of semi platform independent libraries and functionalities along with some more issues. What PHP actually requires is a clean cut platform. When it comes to java, it boasts of clean platform independence and well-defined core libraries. Further, they are of very high standards which when combined together with rest of the features makes it highly stable.

Performance: Initially, Java was considered a little slow.

As of today, we have highly optimized Java Virtual Machines which ensure that the speed and performance of applications is scaled high. Performance has also been an issue for PHP and this could be mainly due to the fact that PHP restarts the virtual machine every time a new request is received which is in contrast with Java. However, this limitation also makes scaling of PHP applications very easy and desirable. The new hardware can be easily integrated and it will result in a linear enhancement of server?s capacity.

The Choices Available: Both PHP and Java have access to a lot of modular software. However, the modules in PHP usually present more problems than those written in Java. Java has always been great at modularization and the credit is often given to its complicated concepts such as Class Loading and Packages.

The Integration: Integration has always been the strength of Java and not only in the case when compared to PHP. In-fact, Java is the industry standard and there are many standard implementation in Java. When it comes to PHP, there is a limited selection of libraries available for PHP web applications for communicating with a particular protocol. The database layer is generally used to integrate other services with PHP.

The above comparison may tip the scale towards Java but in reality, the designing, problem formulation and capabilities of the developer are far more important than tools and programming languages used. However, it is also important to remember that certain functionalities and features can be best achieved by specific technologies. Custom PHP development is definitely a better path for developing websites whereas when it comes to developing a Web front-end, offshore Java development would be the natural choice.

Another important thing to keep in mind, irrespective of whether you choose Java or PHP, is the selection of your development partner. Make sure that you partner with a software development company having huge experience, good reputation and proven capabilities in the technologies required for your project.

Amy Patrix is an industry expert in .Net development services and offshore Java development services. Currently he is associated with Xicom technologies and helps them with their most challenging and complex software development projects. Amy is an avid reader and a voracious writer who likes to write on anything and everything related to IT industry.

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