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Can Zend products increase the maturity level of the PHP application lifecycle?

As a matter of fact, you can leverage Zend products, namely Zend Guard, Zend Server, Zend Studio and Zend Server Cluster Manager to accelerate the maturity level of the PHP application lifecycle. They can provide top class code to develop and run PHP business-critical applications throughout the world.

Different Zend products contribute, in running your business web applications in different ways, to ensure high performance and availability. Some of the more popular Zend products that are widely used are listed below.

Zend Server:
It is an enterprise-ready web application server that runs and manages PHP applications and provides:
?Reliability, performance and security of the highest level
?Complete and consistent deployment to eliminate problems
?Quick detection and analysis of problems and response to the problems
?Built-in application that ensures optimum performance

Zend Server Cluster Manager:
It distributes the benefits of Zend server across big-scale PHP deployments, and ensures:
?High availability of fast and powerful solutions
?High scalability of application infrastructure
?Central monitoring and maintenance of the applications

Zend Studio:
It is a professional-grade development environment that can maximize product development.

Zend studio can:
?Develop and maintain code faster than others
?Detect problems and provide solutions to resolve them quickly
?Leverage the latest technologies for a richer user experience
?Strengthen the collaboration among the project members

Zend Guard:
It is considered to be the most reliable product to protect your application from unlicensed use, redistribution etc. It is an important element to:
?Prevent un-authorized modifications or reverse engineering
?Ensure the code is protected from unlicensed use

Since its inception, Zend products have been widely used as they are very effective in developing and managing a number of PHP business-critical applications across the globe. Most of the web development companies utilize the leading Zend products like Zend Server, Zend Studio, Zend Guard and Zen Server Cluster Manager to deliver high-quality code much faster.

If you can gain access to all Zend products, you can ensure that your web application is secure, reliable and protected. There will be higher scalability and availability, which will make the monitoring and managing of the web applications easy. The proper environment and infrastructure along with the latest technical know-how will be a big plus.

Currently, Zend products like Zend guard, Zend server, Zend server cluster manager and Zend studio are deployed at more than 20,000 customers across the globe. These products offer the best platform that can support the entire PHP application lifecycle. Taking all these features into consideration, there is no denying that fact that Zend Products can enhance the maturity of the PHP Application Lifecycle.

The author of the piece is an expert on Zend Products and writes extensively on open source development. He can be reached via email at eric@osscube.com.

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Article source: http://programming.ezinemark.com/enhance-the-maturity-of-php-application-lifestyle-with-zend-products-7d2d874473a1.html.

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