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Is Zend Framework development the best framework available in the market?

There might be a difference of opinion here, but statistics and surveys conducted in the past couple of years suggest that Zend Framework is the most popular development frame work among developers and designers. The rising demand for Zend Framework experts supports this point of view.

Even if you don?t accept that Zend framework development is the best in the domain, you can?t deny the fact that it is the most popular development framework.

Let?s have a look at some frameworks available in the market, so that we can have a better perspective while selecting the best framework to develop your website.

Smarty Framework:
Also known as Template Engine, this framework offers simplified development and deployment of web applications. Pure PHP Option and Template Inheritance have enabled this framework to become a very useful tool for web development.

Like Zend, this too is an open source framework that can provide rapid web application development. It has the capability to produce an extensive architecture for development, deployment as well as maintenance of web applications. It can also cut costs and reduce coding efforts because of its MVC and ORM common design patterns.

This framework can provide architectural tools for developing highly complex web applications.

Symfony is also compliant with most of the web?s best practices and design patterns, and has supplementary tools that can provide facilities for testing, debugging and documentation

It is a framework that generally offers rapid web programming. Pardo is an event driven and component based framework that contains a specification file (XML), an HTML template and a PHP class. This framework provides tam integration and is simple, strong, and easy to use.

In comparison to the frameworks discussed above, Zend has a number of significant and rich features that make it a better framework for web development. Zend Framework development has a highly modular Model-View-Controller design, making the code more reusable and easier to maintain. It also has a flexible architecture, which helps Zend framework experts in building interactive web applications with ease.


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