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Making a WordPress website is a very simple and straightforward process, which is precisely what makes it so useful. Many of us have need to make a website, whether it’s for business purposes to promote services and products, or whether it’s for personal use just to develop a way to put out your opinion, demonstrate your creative works and enjoy some discussion. With WordPress anyone can do this and there are no longer obstacles to worry about like programming skills or the complication involving uploading articles and code to a server. With WordPress everything is right there for you and all you have to do is to use the helpful UI in order to select pictures, type your content and set the design and style.

?That said there may still be some challenges involved in making your WordPress site if you are a complete technophobe. Here we will look at the basic steps for WordPress publishing to help you get started.

Decide on Your Package

?First of all you need to decide how you want to implement a WordPress site. In short there are two ways to do this. One is to sign up for a WordPress site that will remain on their own servers. If you opt to go this route then your website will have a longer URL that includes the ‘wordpress.com’? prefix. At the same time you won’t ‘own’ the space and won’t be able to edit the code in the same way nor upload large media like films. It’s not a professional solution if you want to run a business site, but for a hobbyist it’s free and easy.

?The more professional option is to buy your own server space and URL and to then upload the WordPress files onto it. To do this you will download them from the WordPress website, and will then drag and drop the folder into your file manager/FTP.

You can from here simply navigate your browser to the ‘install.htm’ file and the rest will be handled for you.

Using the UI

?Once you have signed in you will be presented with a control panel from which you can edit your site. It is a simple matter here of writing into the box on the right and pressing post in order to post new content, but that is not all you will want to do.

?One of the first things you should do is to change the appearance of the blog, and one of the first ways you will do that is to change the header. You can do this under the themes section and this way you can choose to upload a big picture of your choosing. Make sure it is something that is evocative of what your blog is about and trying to communicate, but at the same time that it doesn’t make the title too difficult to read.

?You might also want to change the theme for another one. Here you can brose a range of free and paid ones and this will dictate where your text is in relation to the header, links etc. The great news is that you can opt to change this at any future point and your existing content will simply be moved to fit around it.

We recently had our tennis club website updated by this wordpress designer in Melbourne. They did a great job for us and now we just need to do some search engine optimisation.

Article source: http://web-development.ezinemark.com/making-wordpress-websites-7d34d972c5cf.html.

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