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An MBA is actually a Master Degree in Business Administration – Master in Business Administration (MBA). MBA students are not necessarily specialists in finance or marketing. Found in this category include military students, architects, doctors, etc.. It is against mandatory to have a professional experience first. Our program, the Pre-MBA, provides two quarters: one quarter of intensive English and a quarter on the combined courses of GMAT test preparation courses and Master courses common to all concentrations. You can also transfer your file to another university and have advanced standing, or do not follow this program than on some quarters as further studies to enhance your CV.

Participation in the Pre-MBA program does not always guarantee admission to MBA, but prepares the candidate. Admission to the Master has been requested either before departure or during the Pre-MBA program, according to the time that the candidate wishes to remain at the university as part of his studies.

The Master program is designed for students wishing to specialize after completing a Masters in India. distance learning mba can also be an advantage if the pursuit of career is in his own country. This experience abroad allows graduates to think globally and understand the interconnections and global markets. This knowledge can also be very useful for companies locally.

As already mentioned, an MBA abroad can represent a significant cost. This raises the question whether an MBA abroad worth for his own career. The MBA is a degree that prepares students for business as leaders. The student can choose from several “concentrations”:

* Management Science
* Marketing Management
* Accounting
* Business Economics
* Computer Information Systems
* Finance
* Human Resources Management
* International Business
* New Venture / Small Business Management
* Operations and Materials Management
* Operations Research
* Strategic Management
* Taxation
* Telecommunications Management

The online MBA program is also taught as an intensive residential block. It prepares managers for their action research and dissertation writing. Participants develop knowledge and skills in systematically resolving a major problem in their organization, using rigorous qualitative action research methods. Potential supervisors of dissertation will be invited to attend the firs session on standards, expectations, the role and function of the supervisor, university rules and regulations, communication between and responsibilities on the part of, the associates and supervisors.
The purpose of executive MBA is to avoid the usual problems of attrition and late submissions rates in master degree programs. And one more thing the written assignment is different for MBA (Executive) candidates and those who wish to exit with a diploma in management. The former group will focus on dissertation design and rationale, including problem definition, significance of the project, method and time schedule. The latter group will focus on practical application of business research within their organization.
We are a University (located in Paris), a public teaching and research. We

are the first French university accredited by EQUIS.

– We believe that the MBA is not a commodity and that education is not a market, the commercial sense: we believe that a MBA does not “sell” it as a consumer product

and for you to choose the MBA that fits your values.

– The Dauphine Executive MBA does “not buy” if you are selected, you will need a lot … a lot of work to graduate. You will be a student, not a client.

Online MBA professionals believe that company management is rich in diversity, not based on a unique and meaningful only if it respects the basic human values. Without ethics and respect for these values, management is not sustainable. ? they also believe in a strong human dimension: small group work (24 students maximum per group), real-help among students, sponsoring cross-promotions, networking. Concept of management leads us to prefer the group’s success to individual achievement.

Many candidates do not just want to study abroad, they also want to work and live. If you wish to pursue careers abroad, then the MBA is a good option. These studies suggest a real relationship and exchange with other students, readers and tutors. The Online MBA are a real springboard to the world of work.
The true value of an MBA is the capacity for reflection and decision of its graduates. Our goal is to focus on developing your thinking skills and analysis. It is not to disseminate managerial modes.

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one year executive MBA is one of the most prestigious degree.

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