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PHP is highly flexible language therefore there are chances of haphazard coding and unstructural as well as unmanageable coding is common phenomena. To save from all you need some structural framework that shapes coding. Zend is one of the popular framework for PHP. Zend is opensource framework therefore you need not pay anything for its use. It is object oriented web application framework and simple and straightforward to use for PHP 5. It has been design to eliminate the technical exhaustiveness and let the developers to concentrate on the bigger picture that is building better web application.

Zend framework gives greater degree of freedoms to the developers to do coding as it has no hard and fast rules to follow. But it can gives components such as MVC, Table Data Gateway, and Row Data Gateway design patterns giving individual components for many basic common requirements for web application development. With Zend framework you can focus on building more secured, reliable, and modern Web 2.0 applications & web services, and using APIs from leading vendors like Google, Amazon, Yahoo and Flickr etc.

Simplicity is main thing in Zend framework. It gives lightweight and loosely coupled component library that gives nearly 80% functionality that everyone is looking for. It further allows customization of remaining 20%. It has latest web development features like AJAX support through JASON to assure the requirements that are easy to use, Syndication, Search, Web Services, High-quality object-oriented PHP 5 class library.

Zend has various components to enhance the productivity and functionality like:
MVC (Model, View and Controller): This is one of its big strengths. This pattern separates skill set for designers and developers. This logic separation helps a lot in practice. It lets individual abilities to build meaningful components.
Tooling and Rapid Application Development: It frees you from tedious process of initial application set up. You can create project structure and MVC artifact through tooling support and command line client.
Database: You are free to use any database available to build your application.
Internationalization and Localization: To keep your existence in international and local market you need components that support international and regional language and other things. Zend allows you to generate applications in your regional languages.

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