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MySQL tables allow you to store data in an orderly manner (as rows and columns). Before entering the actual data, you first need to specify their types. But at times, you observe a significant decrease in the performance of queries or errors while accessing the tables. It usually indicates table corruption that might occur due to improper locking of tables, virus infection, unexpected shutdown, improper termination of commands, hard disk errors etc. For complete recovery of lost data, use your recent data backup or alternatively, scan your database using commercial MySQL Database Recovery applications (in case if backup issues).

Consider a practical scenario, you try to access your MySQL database table and receive the following error message:

“Record was already deleted (or record file crashed)”

This error message is usually encountered when you run a query on the database table.


The prime cause of the above error message to occur is the corruption of MySQL database table due to unexpected shutdown or any other similar reason.


To solve the table corruption issue, you need to follow these steps in order:

? Enter your MySQL database as administrator and enter the password, when prompted for.
? You need to first ensure about table corruption. To do so, run CHECK TABLE command with the following syntax:

CHECK TABLE tablename

In case of MyISAM databases, you can also use mysqlcheck or myisamchk command line utilities for this purpose.
? If the above checks report table corruption, you need to repair it using REPAIR TABLE statement.

It follows the below syntax:

REPAIR TABLE tablename

For repairing MyISAM, mysqlcheck or myisamchk command line utilities can also be used with valid options.
? If same table corruption problem continues, you need to delete the damaged table, if a valid backup exists.
? If no backup is available, or if backup is corrupted or incomplete, you require using MySQL Recovery applications that are safe and powerful database repair tools. In addition, they are available with interactive interface and advanced scanning algorithms that rebuild MySQL databases with original content and view. MySQL Database Recovery software serve as automated repair applications in each case of database corruption.

Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery For MySQL is an excellent MySQL Recovery utility. It supports both InnoDB (.ibdata, .ibd and .frm) and MyISAM (.myd, .myi and .frm) database storage engines. It is a complete tool to restore all database objects, such as tables, relations, primary key(s) etc. It is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000 and can also recover databases installed on Linux platform. It supports MySQL 5.x.

Naveen Kadian is a self employed Internet entrepreneur and product reviewer Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery For MySQL is the premier MySQL Repair tool that can instantly repair and restore corrupt MySQL databases. It supports InnoDB (.ibdata, .ibd and .frm) and MyISAM (.myd, .myi and .frm) files.

Article source: http://database.ezinemark.com/record-was-already-deleted-or-record-file-crashed-mysql-error-and-recovery-4eea620927d.html.

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