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SAP Business One is now available in the new version 8.81. ?Some excurse to the history. ?Historically SB1 was available in A and B hives, where A was for USA and most of the Americas and Europe and B was for China, Brazil, Korea. ?The reason to be split into two hives was SQL collations (supporting hieroglyphs and Unicode compliant languages). ?In version 8.8 SAP was able to merge both hives and now if you are multinational corporation you can host all your international branches on the same SQL Server, hosted in your Headquarters in USA, Canada, South Africa or Europe. ?We do consider this move as significant breaking through in international Corporate ERP implementation for small branches. ?Let’s take a look at some details in customizing SAP BO:

1. SDK Programming. ?Normally it is done in Microsoft Visual Studio. ?Popular languages are C# and VB.Net. ?Historically SDK coding was known to be slow in production, especially in 2005 and 2007. ?In version 8.81 SDK libraries performance is improved

2. Integration or Data Transfer Workbench. ?Here we would like to mention the fact that this initial data conversion tool could be deployed in ongoing integration, where data is pulled from ODBC compliant database: MySQL, MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Pervasive SQL, Btrieve

3. Corporate ERP Spoke and Hub approach. ?In your headquarters you can deploy high end Corporate ERP application, such as Dynamics AX, Oracle Ebusiness Suite/Applications/Financials, Great Plains. ?And in your international facility you could deal with SB1, as it is localized in the majority of the countries and regions

4. Requisition Quote functionality.

?It is now available in SAP Business One. ?Purchasing department negotiation documentation is important for mid-size business, especially incorporate and available for public offer

5. Reporting. ?We do recommend you to consider Crystal Reports design and intuitive integration it into SB1 user interface

6. B1 Internationally. ?Again we would like to stress the fact that this small business Corporate ERP is virtually available Worldwide and is localized in such regions as China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Latin America, USA. ?Let’s take a look at the specific countries

7. Brazil. ?According to unofficial rumors, here we have 75 thousand named user licenses sold and implemented. ?This march is very impressive as currently in the United States the number of sold named user licenses is about 150 thousand or twice of what was sold in Brazil. ?Local competition is to Microsiga , Navision and Microsoft Dynamics AX Axapta

8. China. ?SB1 is perfectly localized for Chinese Corporate ERP market

9. Russian Federation. ?Here SB1 is expanding, but fighting stiff competition with local small and mid-market packages, such as 1S Buhgalteria

10. Kazakhstan. ?Russian version could be deployed here with minimal custom programming to reflect Astana and Alma Ata local legislation

Andrew Karasev is Great Plains Certified Master, MVP, 1-866-304-3265, 1-269-605-4904. He is also the initiator of eFaru project and founder of Alba Spectrum information space

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