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Everyday, lots of latest WordPress blogs get founded on the Internet, and therefore the clear trend nowadays is that more and a lot of of them are by very serious homeowners who have taken the time to research WordPress and its plug-ins, and have thought rigorously about that plug-ins they have to install to make their site sizzle.

But often they do not reach making their blogs sizzle, and it’s because they underestimate the importance of a terribly powerful plug-in. However before I tell you what it’s, I’d prefer to raise you to keep reading whether or not the solution shocks you, because it’s really the one thing you need to set yourself other than the remainder and to form your blog uniquely memorable. The WordPress plug-in I am bearing on is your theme. That is right. Themes are indeed plug-ins, although most people do not understand that.

The error several — otherwise serious — blog house owners build is that they take the straightforward route and purchase a prefab template. It prices them maybe $ forty, and thus they suppose it is a good deal. However once you surf around and find out that the popular theme you obtain is truly too standard that it’s getting used on every alternative web site in your niche, you’ll perceive why prefab themes are something but a sensible deal. If you cannot burn your web site into your guests’ memory, they can not keep in mind your site when they’re ready to come to that topic. They will simply search Google once more and realize someone else’s site. A distinctive theme — or a minimum of a seemingly unique one, as I will explain later — is the only handiest way to stop losing repeat visitors.

Therefore what is the solution? Fortunately, there is a lot of than one.

The primary is to rent a themer to develop a custom template for you.

Some WordPress-powered sites will value $ one,000 to theme, however a $ 200 custom theme would suffice for several blogs and most blog homeowners would be very pleased with an issue in this price range.

The other choice is to continue using prefab themes, however to compensate in a totally different manner: learn basic theming. Surprisingly, this is easier than most people think. Basic theming will enable you to easily build enough tiny customizations to your prefab theme to cut back the “this blog appearance like the last blog I visited” issue that every other blog owner that bought the identical template is suffering from.

It surprises most individuals how little beneath-the-hood sort work a blog owner wants to do to accomplish some terribly dramatic changes to the look and feel of a prefab theme. And also the unhappy part is that on the freelance networks, many blog house owners get taken advantage of. They’re often charged $ thirty for personalization work that takes even a very beginner developer only five minutes to complete. The sadder half is that a lot of of these customizations aren’t troublesome to complete by even non-technical blog owners, if they only familiarized themselves with basic theming.

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