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for More Options than Just Another WordPress Spinner? Create an Auto Post Updating SEO Monster in a Matter of Minutes with WP Spin!


You may not have heard of me, but I am the Creator of the Auto Blog Blueprint and a few other high profile Blogging Products.? I know what it takes to create a great WordPress Plugin, but more importantly, I know what a Plugin like this, a WordPress Plugin built for Spinning, requires to get the job done right.

I originally built WP Spin for myself, but not as a Spinner.? I built it as an SEO Tool for myself where I could take unique content built with Spinner Variations of other text and then use them to create Post Updates that I could schedule to entice the GoogleBot to come back to my Blogs on a regular basis.? Creating an SEO Monster for my WordPress Blogs.

So I took the Best Spinner, the single Best Spinner on the Market, and Integrated its API into my new plugin.? Then, I took a database of 50,000 Common Word and Phrase Variations, and integrated them as a Backup as well.? Then I Created the ability to Auto Spin, Manually Spin, and then Update my Posts on a Schedule I set using my Newly Created WordPress Plugin.? Thus WP Spin was Born!

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Why Do You Need WP Spin?

To Auto Spin PLR Articles and other Content on Your Blog!
To Manually Create Unique Versions of Post Articles from an Endless Database of Spinner Variations of Individual Words and Complex Phrases Available in No Other Plugin Like this on the Market!
To Create Spun Versions of Unique Content for Your Posts and then Schedule them to Update over Days, Weeks, or even Months; bringing the GoogleBot back to Your Blog Over and Over for Massive SEO Spider Friendly Power!
To Do All of this via The Best Spinner API with Over 1,341,949 Synonyms and Growing Fast!
Plus, be able to utilize a Custom Database of over 50,000 Common Word and Phrase Variations!
To Be Able to Utilize All of this Any Way You Want!
Free Lifetime Upgrades with Your One Time Purchase!? Upgrade WP Spin When We Do!

Take a Look at the WP Spin Demo Video and See for Yourself

How Does WP Spin Work?

You Have Seen the Video Above.? You can now see that WP Spin is fully integrated with the API of The Best Spinner from Jon Leger.? WP Spin uses the API Content from Everybody’s Favorites, the Best Spinner tool for Automatically Spinning content.? Then, WP Spin uses Everybody’s Favorites to quickly set your Blog on Auto and let WP Spin Automatically Spin Your Blog’s Content with the following Best Spinner settings:


These settings allow you to choose the Quality Level that you want your Posts Auto Spun at.? What this means is that you can then choose how much your Posts are actually Spun Versus having them Spun so much that they are unreadable.? Then, if the Best Spinner API cannot pull in the right content to spin your Particular Article, WP Spin’s Database of over 50,000 Common Words and Phrases to Spin Your Posts to Perfection!

But That’s Not All!

Imagine being able to Manually Edit or Write Posts (using Unique or Reused Content) and integrating Synonyms from the Best Spinner API’s “Identify Synonyms” database, plus having the 50,000 Common Word and Phrase variation Database at your fingertips as well with a One Click interface for INSTANT RESULTS!

Then, Choose to to Spin Your Content with the Following Options:

Spin Once Now
Spin When Viewed
Schedule Post Updates with New Spun Versions that You Created or Spun on Auto!

Use the Post Update Scheduler for Enhanced SEO!

WP Spin acts as a Post Updater by allowing you to Schedule Spins of either Auto Content, Spinner Content you have produced, or Unique Content you have added as Spinner Syntax.? WP Spin actually updates the Individual Posts which makes the GoogleBot and other Search Engine Spiders come flooding back to Your Blog due to the Update of Your Posts.? Everyone knows that Google loves New Content and Posts that are Updated on a Regular Basis.? Plus, with the Excluded Words function, you can make sure that none of Your Keywords or Keywords Phrases are used by WP Spin, thus preserving your Keyword Density and ensuring that your Blog Post maintains its standing in the Search Engine Rankings and moves up the Ranks without a chance of moving Down.

What Other Plugin Does all This?


Being able to Spin any Content you want on your WordPress Blog using the Best Spinner API’s 1 Million Synonym database, plus the now well over 50,000 Common Word and Phrase database. Then being able to decide if you want to have Content in your Posts and Pages Spun Automatically, Manually, or a combination of both.? Then, taking that option and fine tuning it even more.

Imagine having being able to have all the content on your Blog Automatically Spun each time a Page was viewed or set each and every Post on an Update Schedule that you set by Day, by Week, or by Months.? Then having the Search Engine Spiders like the GoogleBot, come back to your Blog over and over again because of the Fresh, New Content you keep serving up for enhanced Search Engine Rankings and Power?

Imagine being able to take a complete Unique Content Blog and setting up Unique Content Updates on a Schedule and then using the Excluded Words function of WP Spin to keep your Keywords from being Spun, maintaining your Search Engine perfected Keyword Density Ratio!

Before You Try to Access WP Spin There are a Few Requirements:

You Must use Worpress Version 2.8.x and Above
The Best Spinner Login and Password Required for Activation

It is that Simple!? Your “The Best Spinner” Login and Password is Used for WP Spin Activation for Unlimited use of the 1 Million Plus Synonym Database.? If You Don’t Have a “The Best Spinner” License, you will be able to use Our Massive Discount Code in the WP Spin Member Area which will allow you to get the Best Spinner for Just $ 47!? That is the lowest Price You will find for it, down from the Normal $ 77 Price you will find Everywhere else!? Find Out Why it is The Best Spinner !

*Note: Product Download Details with Your Member Area Login and Password will be Emailed to You Instantly After You Complete Your Purchase!

**WP Spin Comes with a 59 Day Money Back Guarantee through Clickbank.

***This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by WordPress or Google, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by WordPress or Google.

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